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Enchanting Rishikesh, a city at the foothills of the Himalayas, known for the sacred waters of the River Ganga,
a truly special place where its natural positive and healing energy is felt as soon as you arrive,
attracting many from all over the world to experience Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda.
You need not be spiritual or religious to want to visit Rishikesh, it’s simply a must-feel place where you will experience and fall in love with the real India, the perfect place to nurture the mind, body and soul.
On this Yoga Holiday you will enjoy daily meditations, receive Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes
complimented by a week of therapeutic Ayurvedic treatments. You will leave feeling
more grounded, rejuvenated, fitter and healthier than ever before.
I look forward to welcoming you to this unique NishaYoga Holiday in Rishikesh, North India.

What’s Included?

  • 9 nights in comfortable accommodation steps away from the serene River Ganga

  • Daily Morning Meditation

  • Twice daily Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes*

  • 7 days of Ayurvedic Treatments made bespoke to you choosing either the Panchakarma or Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Program at one of the best Ayurvedic centres in Rishikesh

  • Welcome Drink

  • 3 Delicious Meals each day

  • Complimentary Unlimited Herbal Teas during Ayurvedic Treatment Program

  • Complimentary Unlimited Filter Water

  • Walking Tour of Rishikesh taking in the energy of the River Ganga and the view of the two famous bridges, Laxman Jhula & Ram Jhula

  • Sunrise Excursion to Kunjapuri Temple to take in the breathtaking views where our Morning Meditation and Yoga Class will take place

  • Experience the amazing feeling of being present for the Ganga Aarti ceremony at Sunset

  • Excursion to the famous Beatles Ashram with a Sunset Yoga Class

  • Excursion to the unique Vashishta Cave for Morning Meditation

  • Complimentary 20 minute Reiki Treatment

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • Private airport transfers from/to Dehradun Airport

*On excursion days, we may only be able to fit in one Yoga class – subject to timings.

This Yoga Holiday is unique in that it offers a limited number of places to keep the Yoga group small, to therefore give you a warm and welcoming experience, that extra one-on-one attention to help you along your own personal Yoga journey.

This is your holiday, it’s totally up to you how you wish to spend it. You are free to attend some or all of the classes and activities included on the itinerary. Choose what’s right for you and enjoy your well-deserved break.



Where will I stay?

You will stay in a comfortable modern hotel literally steps away from the beautiful
River Ganga.

• Double/Twin Bedded Rooms
• Ensuite Bathroom
• Ceiling Fan/Air Conditioning
• Cable TV
• Complimentary Bath Towel
• Free Wi-Fi
• Room Cleaning on Request

You will be served appetizing Indian and International vegetarian meals for your 3 meals a day along with a hot or cold drink at each meal, all to compliment your Ayurvedic treatments. Food will be freshly made using local ingredients. We will also dine at some local restaurants so you can experience more of Rishikesh and enjoy the delicious foods on offer. Vegans can be catered for.

*You will need to pay for any additional food and drinks ordered beyond what is included as part of this Yoga Holiday package.

What’s my investment?


£1149pp Double Occupancy in a Superior Double / Twin Room
£1349pp Single Occupancy in a Superior Room

There are a limited number of rooms available so be quick to book in your place.

Non-Yogi and/or non-Ayurvedic treatment packages for accompanying friends and family are available. Contact us for these rates – they’ll get everything included apart from the Yoga classes/Ayurvedic treatments.


We will start our day with morning Meditation learning about and focusing on each chakra over the first seven mornings to help balance the body, mind and soul connection for overall well-being. We have 7 chakras in our body which are our internal energy points. When our chakras are blocked, it builds up our internal energy which causes the body, mind and soul to disconnect which can set us up for physical and emotional problems leading to illness, feeling tired, lacking confidence, feeling lost and unmotivated, generally having more negative thoughts. When our chakras are open, the body, mind and soul connection are united and balanced and so the flow of energy flows effortlessly within us where we will feel more positive, productive and healthier.

The morning Yoga classes will be Vinyasa flow style with the main focus being on the breath to encourage the calming of the mind and to gain an awareness of a mindful practice, whilst building strength and increasing flexibility within the body. Moving through a flow of sequences will help the body detox as we flow in and out of each asana (pose). Our evening classes will be flowing but slower and gentler ending with a mix of pranayama and meditations to help stay present with the mind and breath. There will also be a workshop style class where we take more time to break down some asanas to help get into them safely and allow you to move deeper within your own personal practice. Each class will be around 75 – 90 minutes.

All classes are suitable for beginners as well as for more seasoned Yogis to either help get you started on your Yoga and Meditation journey or to help deepen your current practice.

Ayurveda, like Yoga, is a Vedic science, the Sanskrit translation of the word literally meaning Science of Life. Ayurveda is a well-known ancient form of natural healing with the aim of detoxifying all toxins from the body. Toxins build up in our body over time even when naturally a healthy person, therefore Ayurvedic treatments are great to have whether you have any specific ongoing ailments you wish to address or not, and doing an Ayurvedic treatment program as such, on a yearly basis at the least, is highly recommended.

The Ayurvedic centre where all your Ayurvedic treatments will be given is conveniently located in the hotel where you will stay and is one of the best Ayurvedic centres in Rishikesh with hygienic facilities and professional staff. After your initial one-to-one consultation with the Ayurvedic Specialist, you will decide whether to take a 7-day program of either an Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment Program or a Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Treatment Program.
Some Ayurvedic treatments involve using dairy products such as milk and ghee, however treatments can be tailored for Vegans.

With around 2hrs of treatments involving 2-3 treatments on each of the 7 days of the program, and along with the Yoga classes which will compliment the therapies, you will leave this Yoga Holiday feeling detoxed, rejuvenated and relaxed. Having tried and tested most of these treatments out personally at this very Ayurvedic centre, it is due to how I felt during and after each treatment alongside my own Yoga and Meditation practice that led me to put together this Yoga & Ayurvedic Holiday so that you too can experience this amazing feeling within yourself all whilst being in one of the most spiritual and positively energised places in India.

*Note that your flights, any required tourist visa, health and medical insurance are NOT included. You are practicing Yoga and taking the Ayurvedic treatments at your own risk and NishaYoga, the Ayurvedic centre or the place of your accommodation are not liable for any injury or health concerns that may occur during your stay.


DAY 1 (arrival day)
  2.00pm: Check in. Free time to explore your new home and get into holiday mode
  5.30pm: Meet Nisha and fellow Yogis followed by our first Evening Yoga Class
  8.00pm: Welcome Dinner

DAYS 2 – 8
  8.00am: Morning Meditation & Yoga Class
  9.30am: Breakfast
11.00am: Ayurvedic Consultations and 7 Days of Treatments / Free Time
  1.00pm: Lunch
  2.00pm: Ayurvedic Treatments / Free Time
  5.30pm: Evening Yoga Class
  7.30pm: Dinner

  8.00am: Morning Yoga Class
  9.30am: Breakfast
11.00am: Free Time to explore Rishikesh on your own (no lunch provided)
  5.30pm: Evening Yoga Class
  7.30pm: Dinner

DAY 10 (check-out day)
  8.00am: Morning Yoga Class
  9.30am: Breakfast
12.00pm: Checkout and farewells. Feel free to leave your belongings securely at the hotel after check-out so you can venture out and enjoy Rishikesh till it’s time to take your airport transfer.

*Other included activities which will take place during the week are as follows:
Personal 20 minute Reiki Treatment
Morning Meditation at River Ganga
Sunrise Excursion to Kunjapuri Temple
Sunset Ganga Aarti Ceremony
Excursion to Beatles Ashram
Local Walking Tour of Rishikesh













An early start but oh so worth it where we will be driven 28km by car to the footsteps of the temple, grab a warm cup of chai, climb up some 250 steps or so to then reach the amazing view point from Kunjapuri Temple which is positioned at an altitude of 1650 metres. Take in the panoramic views of the Himalayan mountain peaks as the sun rises whilst we have an amazing morning Meditation and Yoga class. Then making our journey back down the steps where we will be taken back to Rishikesh to enjoy breakfast.

Visit Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Ashram, also famously known as The Beatles Ashram where the Beatles studied Transcendental Meditation back in the late 60’s. Now a derelict yet beautiful site, enjoy exploring the vast grounds and seeing nature take over the deserted buildings with beautiful graffiti and murals paying homage to The Beatles and Rishikesh’s people and culture. We will end our time at the Ashram with a beautiful Sunset Yoga Class.

Feel at peace when visiting the ancient Vashishta Cave, named after a Hindu Sage. According to Hindu mythology, Sage Vashishta was one of the seven great sages. He was the son of the Hindu God, Lord Brahma. After the sudden loss of his children, Vashishta was distraught and decided to commit suicide in River Ganga. The Goddess Ganga however didn’t accept his plea of suicide. Sage Vashishta and his wife Arundhati then come across this peaceful cave and so decided to meditate at this very cave for hundreds of years to overcome their sorrow. A unique and peaceful place to visit and meditate. It’s said the energy when meditating inside the cave is somewhat magical. Experience it for yourself and see!

One of the must-do things in Rishikesh if nothing else is to attend the Ganga Aarti ceremony at sunset. Religious, spiritual or not, all are welcome. Be open to feeling the loving energy that is present, listen to the chanting of mantras before the main Ganga Aarti itself, simply take it all in and enjoy the present moment. We will end the ceremony by giving our own flower offerings to the River Ganga.

As a qualified Reiki Level 2 Therapist, I am offering you as my guest a complimentary 20 minute healing session should you wish to give it a try. Reiki is a natural healing technique done through energy channelling by means of gentle touch, to activate the natural healing process of the patient’s body and restore both physical and emotional well-being. Reiki energy is all positive energy therefore receiving these positive vibes also helps let go of any negative thoughts and feelings that may be holding you back. A treatment that is all natural and therefore truly beneficial for all. Should you require further Reiki Treatments, you can book a full 1hr session directly with me.

The following additional activities can be arranged should you wish to fill your days further.
Cost payable locally:
• Ayurvedic Food Cooking Class
• Waterfalls Excursion



Yoga found me several years ago and I decided to take my own practice deeper by embarking on a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training where I realised Yoga was a true part of me and was to remain that way going forwards. The Yoga I practiced and the way it made me feel convinced me that I had to continue with my Yoga journey and share with others along the way. Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Dynamic Yoga are styles of Yoga derived from the original form, Hatha Yoga, and I love to practice these forms myself and therefore incorporate them into my teachings. Meditation has naturally become a part of my practice and my teachings where I give guided meditations through chakra focused and Kundalini meditation techniques.

A love for teaching came upon me when I recognised how amazing it was to be able to make others feel good through the practice of Yoga and to teach them what I have learnt and am continually learning. Helping others discover their own Yoga journey is truly rewarding to me. I continue with my journey travelling and living all around the world, practicing with many teachers and students alike and take in all that I learn to then go on and share my passion with my students and those around me.

I started out teaching regular classes in London and then took my teaching abroad instructing at hotels, resorts and Yoga shalas in amazing locations.

Hosting my own Yoga Holidays came about from both my main passions – Yoga and travelling. Realising I was discovering so many amazing places in the countries I visited and lived in, it became clear that I had to share what I knew, saw and learnt with others hence combining the two by offering these unique NishaYoga Holidays. All my Yoga Holidays come with personal knowledge and experience of the locations they are held at as I have either lived there or visited numerous times and so I am lucky enough to be able to call these beautiful places home and therefore share some of the best things about them with you on a NishaYoga Holiday.

You can view testimonials here.

Yoga Holiday

Yoga Holiday

How to get to Rishikesh

New Delhi Airport (DEL), the closest international airport to arrive into if arriving from outside of India. There are several direct and slightly cheaper non-direct flights from many international airports into New Delhi Airport.

Dehradun Airport (DEH), the closest airport to Rishikesh to arrive into for this Yoga Holiday. You are advised to book a connecting flight from Delhi to Dehradun Airport. Please leave enough time in-between flights from/to Delhi as it’s likely you will arrive/depart from different terminals in Delhi which you will need some time to do especially if your flights are not connecting with the same airline. Upon arrival into Dehradun Airport, your private taxi transfer service will be waiting for you.

It is possible to hire a private taxi from Delhi to Rishikesh (approx. a 6 hour drive) if you prefer. This can be arranged for you at an additional cost.

A great way to search for the best flight options is via Skyscanner.

If you wish to extend your stay and fly in on an earlier date or fly out later, please do let me know and I can check room availability for you at our Rishikesh hotel, or you can choose to explore other areas and parts of India and continue your India experience.

Please check before booking if you need a Tourist Visa to visit India . Visit the Indian Government Visa Website to check your visa requirement, costs and to apply. Once your booking has been confirmed for this Yoga Holiday, please be sure to arrange your visa.


The climate in Rishikesh is tropical, however in October it can be cooler in the mornings and evenings. October is considered the best time of the year to visit as it is post-Monsoon and pre-Winter time therefore not overly hot or cold. Temperatures average 28°C during the daytime.

Rishikesh is known as a holy city due to the sacred River Ganga worshipped by Hindus near and far, a place also visited by thousands from all cultures from all over the world, many who have become yearly visitors. All the food available is vegetarian and no alcohol is permitted. It’s a truly unique and special place with a naturally positive and spiritual energy that you can feel in the air. Even if you are not religious or spiritual, it’s a place definitely not to be missed if you want an authentic experience of India, with a mix of locals and travellers living amongst the cows and monkeys! Rishikesh is beautiful, peaceful and busy all at the same time. You will be spoilt with many beautiful and colourful views and sights. A must-see place for all.

An array of stalls and shops on offer run by the Rishikesh locals with interesting souvenirs, hand-crafted ornaments, clothes, jewellery and accessories, so get your bargaining skills on and shop to your heart’s content.

The local currency in India is the Indian Rupee (INR). You can exchange some currency at your main connecting Indian Airport or once in Rishikesh – there are plenty of ATM’s in Rishikesh as well as some currency conversion places if you wish to bring your home currency for exchange all within walking distance, however it is advisable to exchange some currency at the airport or before departing your country.
Current GBP currency conversion: £1.00 = INR 86.00


*All images are true of Rishikesh where this Yoga Holiday is based.